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"Amazing Job"  Kim B

 Looks so good! Jess C

Kim- Well worth the $ to hire Dominic Mills to do your photos!! He’s done numerous listings for me and love his product !!

 I love it. Jennelyn G

It's a lovely home and I love the video of it!! Maria R

" The Only surprise we had.....was there were no surprises"  Alan N Demark

 Fantastic Showcase Dom Pauline C UK

I Bought my house after viewing the virtual tour online.  I had wasted so much time viewing houses that were misleading (New Owner- Fort Erie)

 Thanks Dom ! This property now SOLD! KB

"Great Job Dom"-

George C Canada

This is amazing Dominic Mills any event space that doesn't want to utilize this for marketing is losing out. Any high end real estate listing would be well served to use this. - Brian F Niagara falls

The tour looks awesome!! RLP

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